Crafting Sustainable Art

Let’s Make Something Beautiful

We Bring Fantasy Elements to Life in a Way that Won’t Break the Bank or the Planet

We want people to feel a sense of happiness and enjoyment when they look at our artwork. Not only in the way that our pieces are unique but also in how they are sustainably made and shipped using biodegradable, recyclable, and recycled material. We’re building a community where art can be both beautiful and good for the environment. We are also transforming our minds’ unique conceptual elements into tangible and remarkable visual pieces. We’re here to make imagination come alive!

Making Imagination Happen

Self-expression through Personalized Art

We’re a black-owned, female-owned illustration company that’s taking a humanist approach to personalized art. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, where people are isolated more than ever, we want to create a visual method of communication that will connect hearts and create a fanciful community. At the heart of things, we want to give people a way to express themselves, and to be happy. So we dared to dream of a future where fantasies would not be constrained by realities.